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There are several ways to support the Association of African American Vintners (AAAV). The best way is to become a member. However, if you do not wish to become a member and would like to donate to our cause, we thank you, and please donate here.

AAAV is excited to request your sponsorship and donations for the AAAV 2019 Calendar of Events and Scholarship Initiatives.  We’ve planned an innovative and engaging calendar of events, which will provide a win-win for AAAV and our partners and sponsors.  We understand your personal and business objectives and commitment to help us sustain our positive impact in the beverage community. AAAV needs your support and resources as individuals, industry leaders and major manufacturers to reach our mission and goals.

The Association of African American Vintners is a 501(c)(6) non-profit founded in 2002 to provide a support network for African American vintners and wine industry professionals, ensure the availability of wine education, and access to career enhancement opportunities,  while bringing wine country lifestyles and fine wine to consumers.

Our mission is to:  (1) increase the quality of wine communications, foster a spirit and culture of inclusion and cooperation within the African American growers, wineries and vintners; (2) Develop a sense of community among our members through informal networking and social functions; and (3) Facilitate access to relevant viticulture, enological and industry information and updates to our members. The organization welcomes professionals from all aspects of the wine industry and invites interested consumers as supporting members of AAAV.

Since our inception, AAAV has witnessed the growth and expansion of Black owned wineries and winemakers from California to South Africa.  Now, we look toward the future! In 2018, we reset our efforts and recommitted our resources and talents to increase diversity and inclusion in the global wine industry. Last year, we launched The AAAV Wine Education Scholarship Program. The program focuses its efforts on identifying and providing relevant education and industry training to our Wine Professional and Student members.

We would like to request your financial support in meeting our goals, mission and objectives. Please contact Phil Long, Vice President of AAAV, at  or me if you have any questions about how to support our organization. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.  


Best Regards,

Mac McDonald

Founder & President